Mini Sewing Machine


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1.100% and high qulity
2.with portable sewing hine you can sew with ease all kinds of fabrics like silk, denim, leather.
3.this excellent handheld sewing hine even works on arts and crafts projects.
4.get rid of big old hine and do stitches quickly and exquisitely.
5.light weight, portable and comvenient.
6.features available 2 stitching speed.
7.comes with thread loop for your great convenience.
8.ideal for home owners, offices, students and craftspeople. is the best replacement for your bulky old hine.

1.double thread ,double speed
2.automatic thread rewind
3.foward and reverse sewing
4.tacks button
5.built-in sewing light
6.use hand switch or foot pedal to start
7.uses dc 12v power
8.foot pedal,adaptor,and thread bag included

1.type:mini sewing hine
2.stitch formation:chain stitch
3.feed mechanism:walking foot
4.max. sewing thickness:10mm
5.stitch length:2mm
6.mechanical configuration:flat-bed
7.type:mini sewing hine
8.power:dc 6v or battery
9.color:white with purple

1x handheld sewing hine
1x foot pedal
1x external power supply


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